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specializing in customized diversity training and cultural competency programs, strategies, events and initiatives, to successfully increase awareness and improve productivity.

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 4th Annual Images and Perceptions Diversity Conference
 “Empowering Communities by Embracing Diversity”

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Friday, December 2, 2016
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m
CineSpace Film Studios
2621 W. 15th Place
Chicago , Illinois 60608
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RONNIE BACHMAN: Star of the documentary film and subject of the book, “Walk this Way”, at the age of four, Ronnie’s parents made the decision to amputate his deformed legs in hopes of a better life for their son. At an age when other children learned to walk on their legs, Ronnie learned to walk on his hands. At age 18 he threw away his artificial legs and decided to live life on his terms. Ronnie was delighted to move faster, climb higher and live freer...

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Siham Awada Jaafar


As President and CEO of 3D Consulting and Communications Siham Awada Jaafar is a well respected and established professional in community, public and media relations. Specializing in government and corporate Diversity training, Siham has succeeded in bridging the gaps of cultural divide as they relate to business and community awareness models. Her passion for Public Relations and Diversity Training focused on producing positive change through networking between communities, diverse entities and government agencies has proven exceptionally effective in building bridges of communication across racial and ethnic divides.

Shelly Hurwitz

Donna Joseph Gannan

Donna JosephDonna Gannan Joseph

Images and Perceptions Diversity Conference

Program Director

Doris Hage

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Doris Hage Program Director

Doris Hage –As a Marketing and business professional, Doris is also a veteran Public Relations Professional. She began her career 14 years ago in the sales industry, maintained a reputation as a continual top performer and conducted training seminars across the country. As Director of Admissions for a proprietary trade school with the acclaimed Emmy Award winner, Mr. Mort Meisner and Mr. Jack Grushko, she galvanized over 15 agencies including non-profits to achieve monumental goals for the school and its clients.

Diversity is a passion for Ms. Hage. Her Hispanic heritage along with her Lebanese background afforded her a distinct love and appreciation for various cultures. Her grass roots upbringing in a blue collar neighborhood gave her the tools to accept, appreciate and embrace diversity. Diversity is something she passionately believes in and with the combination of her skills and experience; Ms. Hage is an asset to 3D and to the Images and Perceptions Diversity Conference.

Bonnie Pettinga

bonnie pettinga 2

Bonnie Pettinga

Images and Perceptions Diversity Conference

Program Director

 Bonnie Jo Pettinga is a passionate entrepreneur who learned the meaning of true success at an early age. It was through being compassionate towards others no matter the color or race or religion that she discovered the true meaning of happiness. Bonnie strives to help others envision great things that they didn't see within in themselves.

Pettinga is a successful business women who believes anything is possible. She remains optimistic and never gives up. She made it her mission to teach at-risk high school students the importance of believing in themselves while road-mapping a way to achieve and follow their dreams and aspirations.

With much perseverance Pettinga taught students to realize they are unique, special, talented and worthy of success. She continued to instill a can-do attitude guiding them through the process of filling out college applications while playing The "Drum Roll" for that Final "Ta-Daaa" Moment Of College Acceptance.

Bonnie Pettinga was appointed by The Martin County Florida School Board to serve on curriculum committee for many years to engage with the Community and School Board to improve their Health Education Curriculum Programs while meeting The Florida State Statutes Legal Guide Lines.

Pettinga has many years of experience in the ups and downs of businesses throughout her professional career as a self-employed Entrepreneur and Fundraiser. Bonnie's passion for success, self-motivation, and compassion for others, along with a driving ambition has proven invaluable at every level.


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